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  Roar !!!!!

Hi, today im not going to be doing a dream series ,im going to be talking about my bestfriends because I wouldn’t be ANYTHING without them .Im just going to give you some stories that I have with them and something I have called them in the past or just made up.

KitKat- Me and kitkat tell each other everything , and one time she decided to look though my facebook photos. The conclusion is that I have so much swag #swag #yolo #ihadamatchingtracksuit.  Another thing we do is every lunchtime at out school we go see our friends red rebel , geddes and big nose. ILY 🙂 #fetch #youcantsitwithus #wednesdayswewearpink #dead #youhavethebesthugs

Ginger- I couldn’t think of a sassy name for ginger because I call her everything ranging from bitch-ginger. ( yes to her face) One funny memory I have of ginger is her waxing my leg which didn’t hurt that much , another memory I have is her , me and kitkat sharing a double bed at my sleepover. ILY #pez #moist #moistpez #Ithinksomeoneusedit #toofar

Kangaroo Pete – Kangaroo Pete is my co-host on Australias got talent Kangaroos. Also me and pete are having a poke war on facebook , she will probably win but I started an IRL one AND I WILL WIN. so far there are 112 pokes #dijjerydoo

Udum- udum is the male of the group , he is like everyones brother and he is fabulous. I have a lot of memories where he is just being sassy and funny. He is that one boy that you just want to hug. Awhile ago I wrote a fanfic about ginger and udum and it was very erotic and sticky —- for them. I remember him saying “oh my god!” Also I remember going on facetime with him and animal crossing , where he left very rude notes on my noticeboard.#rude #illgetyouback

Smithy the pirate – that is her name on my phone , me and smithy like slyfoxhound together and the other day we danced together in the middle of the road. I also remember being in the same double bed with her , kitkat and pete so that means there were 4 in the bed. this also means it was very cosy .  Me and smithy are in the call on me music video #lookreallyclose #wewerefeelingarobic-y Smithy and me also go on minecraft were I built a house and then we spammed cats #cathoarders  we also have an underground room where shiz gets real.

Dinosaur – dinosaur used to sit next to me in English and we would rub legs and lick our lips #toofar #sheissexual #sexy #frenchontuesdays

 These are my bffls and they are all bitches so kind and funny and I can tell them anything and I hope udum takes us all to prom , it will be the best slow dance ever #7sum #friendsforlife #theyallsmell #jk #maybe #awkwardlaugh




Dream series : Blinded

Hey , here is the 2nd part  of my dream series where i tell you dreams i remember.

This isn’t really a specific dream , its just something that has happened in a few dreams.

like i will be trying to do something and i ill be blinded as if i was looking at the sun,

i will try so hard to fix my sight and in the end i just close my eyes and i have to walk round blind.

i know this is short so here is an explanation of what my dream might mean that i found on google:

Psychological Meaning: If you dream of being blind this may represent your refusal to see the truth. Perhaps you reject something about yourself or your situation. Do you feel that you have lost your sense of direction in waking life? Or are you so bigoted in your opinions that you refuse to see any other point of view except  your own? Perhaps your religious experiences are one of ‘blind faith’ rather than tolerance and spiritual inquiry? Truth frees us from the painful bondage of  ignorance. Open your eyes.

~ to me this is because i recently went deaf in my right ear , i don’t think my parents realise how bad it is. if i don’t know that someone is talking to me or they don’t talk loud enough , i cannot hear them. i really don’t think i can get my hearing back and my deafness is causing my anxiety to come back .

Dreamer: Am i awake?

Here is my first dreamer post, where i share with you my dreams/ nightmares and you tell me what they mean or if you have had the same dream.

Am i awake?

So, i have this dream about 2 times a year, and it always starts the same.

It’s the middle of the night. It is pitch black. My eyes are closed.

I start to ache and my back tingles , so i start to toss and turn.

I jerk up , i feel awake and i have a headache.

for some reason i feel the need to get up and walk around.

i get out of bed,  take a drink ( i always have a drink of water near my bed , i get a dry mouth)

i look around my room , it is exactly how i left if before going to sleep.

i look at my bedroom door onto the landing.

i turn on the light.

my eyes beg me to shield them from the burning light , so i turn the light off and go back to my dark room.

Im squinting and make my way to my bed.

before i get in i notice a long lump under the covers.

feeling confused i rub my eyes and i then notice blonde hair.

it is my blonde hair.

i realise it is me.

my vision goes blurred .

i start to cry.

the tingling comes back and i lay down in the bed and close my heavy eyes

i don’t really remember anything after that. i just wake up the next morning with a migraine or head ache.



I hope you enjoyed my first dream series.

Dream series ?


So I was thinking about starting a dream series where I tell you about my dreams that I have had.

and the point of this series would be to get you guys involved by telling me what they mean and by telling me your experiences related to mine or if you had a similar dream.

this may just be a bad Idea , which is why im asking you , you are the reader you decide whether it is a good Idea or not . Let me know in the comments or just follow me for a definite vote.

~sweet dreams

Where it all started ……..

When I was in year 7 I loved to draw and be creative and I still love to be creative and do creative things. Except now I’m doing something about that, im obviously starting this blog even though im not that great at starting it and writing in it often. Its just my life is boring , I do the same thing everyday , I sit in my room on my laptop with the curtains closed. Anyway in year 8 I wanted to do interior design or writing . I just wanted to express myself I guess. So now the head of art has asked me to do art for GCSE and im probably going to take up his offer , art is meant to be stressful but it might teach me a couple of things also instead of have 1 lesson a week we have 3 lessons a week . Just to point something out I still have no clue what i exactly want to do , just something to do with art and writing

But you know what they say #yolo


my ‘introduction’

this is going to be my introduction , so im going to tell you everything about me that you may want to know.

-my favourite bands are : bring me the horizon ; sleeping with sirens ;black veil brides ; fallout boy and pierce the veil.

-I’m classed as emo or scene

-I have fake plugs

-I have a rabbit called Perry

-I live in the UK

-I don’t have a favourite colour

-im in secondary school year 9

-im lactose-intolerant

-I have anxiety (social)

that’s all you need to know about me for the time being :3