Dream series : Blinded

Hey , here is the 2nd part  of my dream series where i tell you dreams i remember.

This isn’t really a specific dream , its just something that has happened in a few dreams.

like i will be trying to do something and i ill be blinded as if i was looking at the sun,

i will try so hard to fix my sight and in the end i just close my eyes and i have to walk round blind.

i know this is short so here is an explanation of what my dream might mean that i found on google:

Psychological Meaning: If you dream of being blind this may represent your refusal to see the truth. Perhaps you reject something about yourself or your situation. Do you feel that you have lost your sense of direction in waking life? Or are you so bigoted in your opinions that you refuse to see any other point of view except  your own? Perhaps your religious experiences are one of ‘blind faith’ rather than tolerance and spiritual inquiry? Truth frees us from the painful bondage of  ignorance. Open your eyes.

~ to me this is because i recently went deaf in my right ear , i don’t think my parents realise how bad it is. if i don’t know that someone is talking to me or they don’t talk loud enough , i cannot hear them. i really don’t think i can get my hearing back and my deafness is causing my anxiety to come back .


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